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Getting started

Supported platforms

CyShell supports Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

On MacOS and Linux you will need to install PowerShell Core first.


PowerShell Gallery Version PowerShell Gallery Downloads

To install, use the PowershellGallery distribution:

Install-Module TietzeIO.CyShell

PowerShellGet error

If you receive this error message: WARNING: The specified module 'CyCLI' with PowerShellGetFormatVersion '2.0' is not supported by the current version of PowerShellGet. Get the latest version of the PowerShellGet module to install this module, 'CyCLI'. ...then you need to upgrade PowerShellGet to install. This is caused by a change in the minimum required PowerShellGet package version for To fix it, from an administrative PowerShell prompt, enter Update-Module PowerShellGet -force, and after it completes successfully, restart the administrative PowerShell prompt and follow the instructions above again.

Could not load file or assembly 'netstandard'

If you receive an error message related to loading 'netstandard' on Windows, then most likely you are using an older .NET Framework version with Powershell. Update .NET Framework to 4.7.2 or higher and you should be good to go. This dependency is coded into the .psd1 module definition file, but for some reason PowerShellGet and Powershell both seem to ignore it...

To use the module:

Import-Module TietzeIO.CyShell


CyShell uses console configuration profiles (stored in a JSON file) to manage API credentials for connecting to the Cylance console backend. This means you do not have to fiddle with API credentials in your code, and can just re-use them from a "console directory".

Create your first console profile

To create a first console profile MyConsole in Region euc1 with API ID 12345678, API secret 12345678 and API tenant ID 12345678 (you can configure the actual values in your console under Settings > Integration):

New-CylanceConsole -Console MyConsole -Region euc1 -APIID 12345678 -APISecret 12345678 -APITenantId 12345678

You can the connect the console and e.g. retrieve all devices:


Next steps